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Patrol Corners Sample Agenda

Patrol Name: ________________________________________

  1. Every Week Stuff
    1. Collect dues (notify scouts past due)
    2. Find out how Patrol members are doing on their advancement
    3. Ask for concerns and needs of Patrol
  2. TLC Information
    1. Week before - Get input from Patrol
    2. Week of - Let Patrol know what happened
  3. Prepare For Troop Activities
    1. 1 week before - Decide menu, find out who is going, assign Quartermaster, check on Patrol equipment
    2. Week of - Confirm who is attending, that equipment is ready, everyone has permission slips, know when and where to be
  4. Patrol Goals
    1. Baden-Powell award, plan Patrol service project, plan Patrol special event, Patrol training (Merit Badge, advancement, Scout skills)
  5. Other Respomsibilities
    1. Patrol Quartermaster's Report (how is the patrol equipment)
    2. Paper Box
      • 3 weeks before - Announce
      • 2 weeks before - Decide when it will be done
      • 1 week before - Confirm plan
    3. Remind Patrol - next time we're Service and Program Patrol