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The registration fee is $30.00 and is for the current year only. Scouts must register again with the troop each year in early October. Payments by check should be made payable to "Troop 212" in the amount of $30.00. Please annotate on the lower left corner of the check the scout's first and last name.

The registration fee includes:

  • Your troop name tag.
  • Your neckerchief that will be presented to you once you reach the rank of Tenderfoot.
  • A troop number patch for your uniform
  • Processing of paperwork.

What your parents will have to supply:

  • A tan Boy Scout Uniform Shirt
  • One (1) set of green shoulder loops (epaulets)
  • One (1) council shoulder patch
  • One (1) world crest patch (optional)
  • Boy Scout Handbook

Permission slips and outings:

Permission slip - Each time the troop goes on an outing there will be a permission slip and information sheet. The sheet will contain information as to what is needed for that particular outing. If you do not have something on the list, please feel free to ask others in the troop for ideas of where to get them, who may have something you can borrow, or if the troop has extras that you may use for the outing.

(NOTE: In the event that you will have to arrive late to an outing or there are extenuating circumstances that necessitate your parent/guardian picking you up early from an outing, this information must be written on the permission slip by your parent/guardian.)

Other fees within the troop:

Weekly dues are $1.00 and are paid to your Patrol Scribe during patrol corner time. Scouts are not allowed to attend outings if their dues are not current.

Outings are "pay as you go." Most outings will have to be paid in advance.

There also may be a "meal" fee. Most of the time, patrols take care of their own meal planning. One scout does the shopping and lets the other scouts know how much money that they need to reimburse him for the food.

There is also a fee per outing to pay for the gas to and from the location of the outing. This is to help those providing their time and vehicles for transportation.

Additional information:

For bookkeeping purposes it is easier to pay by check. It is best to write separate checks for each function with the troop. (Example: If you are paying for summer camp and another activity, submit two (2) checks, one for each activity.)

Uniforms, scout handbooks and other items may be purchased at the Pacific Harbors Council Center located in Tacoma at 4802 S. 19th Street, (253) 752-7731.

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