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The Information on this page may be out dated!

Our paper recycling program is both a community service and a money-making project for our troop. The troop collects donated newspaper from the collection box at the downtown Gig Harbor QFC parking lot, and transfers it to the recycling container beside the Quartermaster Shack.

All scouts are required to participate in emptying the paper box. Each patrol is assigned to service the paper box in turn. Please check the scout calendar on the troop web page for your patrol's week.

The box at the parking lot is to be completely emptied each Saturday at 10 A.M. and taken to the recycling container. Upon completion, the patrol leader should promptly phone the Senior Patrol leader to report completion and patrol participation.

  • Be sure to remove all string, plastics, cardboard, magazines, and junk! This stuff is not accepted as recyclable newspaper, and the troop will receive less money for the newspaper if it contains other materials.
  • Any non-newspaper items can be placed in the blue trash cans located behind the recycling container.
  • Finish up by making sure containers are closed and the area has been policed thoroughly.
  • In the event that the container is full, the papers should be taken to the nearest paper recycling container.

Attendance for paper box duties will be taken by each patrol leader. Participation in this activity is a visible expression of Scout Spirit and is considered during scoutmaster conferences for rank advancement.

Everyone might not be able to participate on Saturdays. If you cannot meet during your patrol time, you can individually transport a load at another time. Please call your patrol leader when you are done.