Boy Scout Troop 212


Troop 212 is a very active Scout Led Troop which meets every Tuesday at Chapel Hill Presbryterian Church, 7-8:30PM. Each week over 60 boys meet to work on Scout skills, listen to guest speakers, develop their leadership skills, play team games and more.

Troop 212 is excited to offer these high quality Wreaths & Swags from Collelo's of Port Orchard. If you would like to order any of these fine products, please contact your friendly Troop 212 Boy Scout. If you do not know any of our fine Scouts, please email Scoutmasters and someone will assist you.

Our troop has a long history of service, dedication and honor. So check out the links, read more about us and come join the fun!

Scouting promises you the great outdoors. As a Scout, you can learn how to camp and hike without leaving a trace and how to take care of the land. You'll study wildlife up close and learn about nature all around you. There are plenty of skills for you to master, and you can teach others what you have learned.

You can contact us by sending an email to our Scoutmasters, or you can stop by any Tuesday!

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